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Okay okay, I just can’t keep good news to myself. I’m not really supposed to say anything so close to the release of the 41POINT9 material but what the heck, I’ve never been too good at keeping secrets. Here at The Highlander Company Records we’ve been working behind the scenes to make a real bucket list project come to fruition. But first a little backstory: 

Back when I was a wee, pimply faced lad in high school, music was everything to me. There was always something playing in the background day and night. I used to listen to a lot of different stuff, from Hard Rock and Heavy Metal to Pop, Funk, Jazz-Fusion to New Wave. 

I remember my senior year (and some years thereafter) cruising around with my friend Vince in his beige, Ford Pinto station wagon blasting the tunes. (yeah we were so cool!) On any given night you’d hear Journey, or Level42 or GoWest or Ultravox, but on many, many a’ night you’d hear either Planet P or Tony Cary’s solo albums blasting from the stereo Vince had so lovingly installed in the car. (it could barely stay running but man the stereo sounded good!) 

Many years later I found myself on the same record label with Tony and was introduced to him via the label president. (yeah, total fan boy moment there I have to admit!) Over the past 7 years or so, with many false starts and twists and turns in both my life and Tony's, I am very happy to announce a joint venture between Tony and myself. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce my latest musical endeavor entitled, “Operation: Paperclip.” In this project, I get to indulge in my love of classic rock and prog rock sounds than would normally fit in with my other band 41POINT9 and it gives me an opportunity to work with musical heroes like Tony Carey. 

The first release from this new project is an approximately 20 minute rock opera entitled “The Return Of The Stanislaus County Kid”, written by Kenny Steel (of 41POINT9 fame) and myself, that is based on characters originally created by Tony Carey in his first few classic solo albums. I wrote the lyrics and story line first, Kenny and I wrote the music soon after and Tony sang the hell out of the tunes and added some amazing layers of keyboards to finish the whole thing off nicely.  We eventually enlisted the help of Gregg Bissonette on drums and Frank Rosato on engineering. I truly have been spoiled with this project to be able to work with some of the best in the business. 

After this little gem was completed, Tony and I were skyping (He lives in Germany these days) and discussing the laughable concept held by some people (trolls) whereby they feel that musicians shouldn’t have an opinion about politics.  Sort of a “shut up and sing” opinion if you ask me. We were both chuckling at this ludicrous idea.  I even said, “Hasn’t anyone even heard of “For What Its Worth” by Buffalo Springfield?”  That’s when the lightbulb went on. “Hey Tony, why don’t we do a cover of this song, but kinda remake it in the “Operation: Paperclip” style? “ Tony loved the idea, so over the next few weeks we put the arrangements and recording together.  I gotta say, I’m really happy with the results and love the idea of thumbing my nose at certain internet trolls…. 

The album is set to be released digitally July 1st, 2019 on all the standard outlets.   

We will be looking at releasing a physical CD of this whole, somewhat sticky, mess through The Highlander Company Records some time later in 2019 or 2020 if the demand for shiny plastic discs becomes evident.  

Stay tuned….. much more to come! 

Love and tater tots! 

Bob “Flippity Flappity” Madsen 




The Return of the Stanislaus County Kid (2019)

Track listing:

1 Eddie’s Coming Home

2 Revelation Blues

3 Never The Same River

4 Heart Strings

5 Wherever The Heart Calls

6 For What It’s Worth (Bonus Track)