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What do you get when you cross Djent style guitars and Funk bass? Why, Djunk of course!   

Oh you say you don’t know what Djent style guitars are? Well that’s easy. It’s a description of what they sound like…try saying Djent- Djent- Djent- Djent- Djent- in a low growly voice….there you have it… Djent guitars!  :-) 

Some time ago, Bob was musing to himself what it would sound like if you crossed hard rock in the “Disturbed” or “Breaking Benjamin” style with Mark King playing bass and then put a killer hard rock vocalist in the vein of Sammy Hagar/Paul Rogers/Davey Pattison on top. 

Okay, okay, there may have been some cough syrup involved…. 

Ahem…anyway, the result is drumroll please……. “Gentleman Bastards” 

With the twin attack of Chad Quist (41POINT9, Heart by Heart etc) and Billy Connolly (Pushing the Sun, Alchemy of Sound) on dueling “twiddle sticks”, Mr. Flippity Flappity himself, Bob Madsen on the “boom beam” (also known as the big guitar for stupid people), Randy Scoles (Ronnie Montrose Band, Rogue) signing on to interpret and attempt to sing Bob’s lyrics – (without mangling his throat btw) add the inimitable Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth Band, Ringo Star’s Allstars) on “thud tubs” (drums) and again Frank Rosato helming the knobs and we have no idea where this thing is going but it promises to be lots of heavy riffage and thundering rhythms and soaring vocal inspired fun. 

Look for the first single, a heavy “Disturbed” style cover of “Why Me?” by Planet P to be released July 1st, 2019 on all major platforms …. And maybe a few minor ones as well….. :-)

Other singles will follow in the weeks after with the album slated to be finished by the end of the year. Hopefully some live performances will follow. 

Side note: Bob has been very lucky with Gentleman Bastards to be able to finally be in a band with two of his oldest friends (he can say that because they are both older than him!) Both Chad and Billy go way way way back (Mr. Wizard) with Bob. All the way back to the pre-historic time of their high school years. Bob is looking forward to saving money on touring expenses by utilizing senior citizen discounts offered by AARP…….  



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Life In The Middle Eight (2019)

Track listing:

1 Life In The Middle Eight

2 Victims And Villains

3 Why Me